The fourth yearly UK Backgammon Magical Lamp Open Championship has been hailed a “incredible achievement” after it was facilitated interestingly at a noteworthy Warwickshire setting.

In excess of 150 players clashed in the 2017 titles held at Coombe Abbey Hotel – making it the greatest social affair of UK backgammon players for over 10 years.

Contenders went head to head in various rivalries, or ‘flights’, over the three days, including Masters, Super Jackpot, Advanced and Social Swiss.

Steve Bibby from Widnes left away as champ in the Masters, overcoming Brighton-based Yan Kit Chan, a visually impaired player from Hong Kong, in the last.

Different victors remembered Cristian Cozos for the Advanced flight and Lawrence Powell in the Super Jackpot rivalry.

It denoted whenever the occasion first had been held at the Brinklow-based scene, drawing in challengers and observers from across the UK and from abroad.

This significant public competition was coordinated by the United Kingdom Backgammon Federation (UKBGF) as a team with Tallyho Events.

Fans tuned in from across the globe to follow matches being live transferred on the web by means of the authority UKBGF channel.

Peter Bennet, bad habit seat of the UKGBF Board and co-overseer of the UK Open, said: “The current year’s competition at Coombe Abbey was an incredible achievement – we pulled in 155 players and it was the greatest in the a long time since we have been running the occasion.

“We saw a tremendous spike in interest with individuals heading out to play or spectate and, obviously, the a great many watchers who tuned into our live streamed matches from everywhere the world.

“The notable Coombe Abbey was the ideal setting to have the competition, the best area to play this 5,000-year-old game.

“We might want to thank everybody at Coombe Abbey for their assistance in facilitating the 2017 Open – and an enormous thank you to every individual who partook across the three days.”

Ron Terry, senior supervisor of Coombe Abbey, said: “We were excited when Coombe Abbey was picked to have the UK Backgammon Open and we’re significantly more pleased that it was a particularly enormous achievement.

“The opposition pulled in an enormous number of players, it has shown colossal development over the most recent four years and we are exceptionally eager to have been associated with that.

“We accept that this shows the splendid flexibility of Coombe Abbey as a scene to have a wide scope of occasions to an elevated requirement.”

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