Australian Rules Football Wagering

If you’ve never been properly introduced to Australian Rules Football – commonly referred to as Aussie Rules – it’s easy to mistake the sport for a free-for-all. As a result, potential punters may find Aussie rules betting to be quite complicated.

Ways to Play

In Australian rules, players are permitted to run with the elliptical-shaped ball, similar to rugby, but must bounce it once every 15 metres. Players can pass the ball by spiking it with their hands (as in volleyball) or by kicking it to a teammate, and they can score points by kicking the ball through the goal (worth six points) or behind the goal posts (worth one point) at any height. The variation gives the game an open character and a relentless tempo, with minimal pauses.



The hectic pace makes Aussie rules a tremendously watchable sport, and bookies provide a variety of betting options to make the game even more exciting, with the over/under points scored market being particularly tempting.


Overall Points Industry

The over/under Aussie rules betting market at Bet365 allows you to wager on the total points scored in a match, as opposed to trying to choose the winner. Bet365 often offers roughly 180 points for the market, depending on which teams are in action and how probable they are to score or allow large point totals. Typically, 150 to 200 points are scored per game.


A benefit of this type of market is that wagers are rarely settled early, as a sudden flurry of points can be scored at any time. There is a good probability that the game will be close heading into the fourth quarter, but in outright winner markets one team could run away with the game early on.

Accumulator Bet


With average odds of just under evens (91/100), a tiny accumulator on the points market can yield decent returns, and you don’t need to be an expert on the sport to place a wager on this. Using Bet365’s form guide to analyze how a side has scored in recent matches should give you a fair indicator of how the game will go.



The Aussie rules season typically begins in late March and concludes in late September with the AFL Grand Final. The league format is highly complex; it consists of a 22-game season with 18 teams, with the top eight qualifying for the Grand Final play-offs, a knockout event meant to favor the top four teams over the fifth through eighth-placed teams.


Ante-Post Market

The ante-post Aussie rules betting markets allow bettors to wager on which team will ultimately win the league tournament. From 2006 and 2012, there were five different Grand Final victors, and this regular variation makes it easy to get attractive odds, as the same clubs are typically involved in the end-of-season shakeup each year.


For a variety of different markets, including ‘Top Eight Finish’ and ‘Most Losses,’ as well as conventional Aussie rules match betting, visit Bet365 Sports for fantastic odds from Down Under today.


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